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Lee County's Strategic Planning Process:

Transparency, Accountability and Community


Lee County's strategic planning process is guided by three fundamental elements: Transparency, Accountability and Community.

Most of our employees are residents of Lee County—it is our community. We must be proud and efficient, and provide ourselves and the public with a government that is accountable and transparent. Our competence is measured and reinforced through active engagement of those we serve. We must maintain an organizational reputation for openness, honesty and integrity.

Why do strategic planning? To move Lee County toward its desired future, we must have deliberate planning with input from the community, elected officials and employees. This requires clearly defined and measureable goals, committed leadership and effective management.

It also requires us to manage the forces of change, which include community demographics, economic conditions, state and federal mandates, evolving technology and other factors that influence our delivery of core services. To be high-performing leaders in County government, we must anticipate and adapt to changes by creating a valued, motivated, dedicated, community-oriented workforce—and we must  include our residents in the decision-making process.

Fiscal Year 2011-12 Quarterly Department Performance Measurements

 Animal Services

Lee Tran (Transit)

 Budget Services


 Community Development

Natural Resources 

 Construction & Design

Parks & Recreation

 County Administration

Procurement Management

 County Lands

Public Resources

 Economic Development

Public Safety

 Equal Opportunity 

Solid Waste

 Facilities Services

Sports Authority

 Fleet Management


 Geographic Information System 


 Human Resources


 Human Services

Veterans Services

Information Technology  

Visitor & Convention Bureau 


Fiscal Year 2011-12 Quarterly Departmental Highlights

1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter

Annual Performance Reports

Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Annual Performance Report